Advance to the Target
with Telecommunications

Time for Automation and Digitalization for Textile

Nowadays, digitalization brings interesting opportunities in all areas of life. The telco industry is one of the leading sectors in this regard. In order to respond to the needs of the end user, telco companies need to adapt their central functions to current life. One of the most important goals of a telco operator is to ensure that the decision support mechanism works correctly in terms of rapid return on operational investment and management of operational profitability. "SAP S/4HANA for Telecommunications Industry" solution family provides the best response to this requirement in terms of Corporate Planning.

Manage Your Business in an Integrated Way with Industry-Specific SAP Telco Solution

SAP Telco, with its solutions addressing the needs of the sector, offers end-to-end management opportunity to you, valuable leaders. Thus, it enables you to manage your business processes between all units within the company in a systematic sense, in an up-to-date and frictionless manner in today's conditions.

Customer First

It is only possible to implement the customer-oriented approach method by including backend systems in today's conditions with a fully integrated, end-to-end solution. SAP Telco Solution Family has an infrastructure that facilitates the pre-sales and post-sales operations of customers who knock on the operator's door both through retail sales points and online channels

The SAP Telco Solution Family focuses on acquiring new customers and retaining existing customers, which are the most important issues for a telco operator with its customer-oriented flexible solutions.
The SAP Retail solution, in particular, increases the omni-channel sales capabilities of thousands of sales points in a way specific to the telco sector and provides a high level of customer experience through in-store and online channels.

Financial Solutions

Establish your financial infrastructure on SAP and create the company's digital transformation process with a roadmap that sheds light on future needs. Real-time financial reporting capabilities enable management to transform the decision support mechanism into an efficient one.
SAP Financial Solutions adopts an approach that prioritizes profitability instead of a turnover-based approach, taking into account the developing conditions.

Analytical Reporting

It offers the opportunity to report data in complex structures on a single system with the forecasting and integration capability required by the sector, which has in-depth experience in analysing corporate data and has proven its success in complex business process management. SAC enables you to establish a structure that will strengthen the decision support mechanism with its flexible reporting capability on SAP Cloud.

Database & Data Management SAP HANA

It incorporates the most technologically powerful infrastructure and offers a solution set that can respond to all needs, not only in corporate solutions.
SAP HANA also makes it easier for you to update your technological assets thanks to its infrastructure that allows you to prioritize the customer on a single platform, both in the cloud and in your own data center.

SAP Billing & Charging

It offers flexible pricing options for the needs of the market in line with the demands of the subscribers. It has the infrastructure to easily meet the demands of the telco operator's marketing department with a customer-centered approach. It enables the creation of customer-specific payment options. It increases the operator's customer acquisition in an intensely competitive environment thanks to its flexible tariff and billing services. Thanks to Hybris Billing solution, it can respond to the complex billing demands required by the market. With SAP Convergent Charging solution, SAP Convergent Charging brings prepaid/ postpaid hybrid billing options into the lives of its customers.

Human Resources

It is only possible to shape the future of your sector with efficiency in human resources. It is much easier to manage the entire process on the system from recruitment to the development of existing personnel by using the opportunities we have in the best way possible with SAP HR solution set.

Application Development and Integration

SAP enables the commissioning of business and technology services in a flexible and fast manner with its breakthroughs in the field of application development.

“Inspired by the Power of Change”

As Prodea, we know that the needs of the business world are constantly changing and we believe that change We provide services to companies that believe there is an opportunity. We offer a range of services solutions and calibrate them to recognized standards. According to our customers' needs end-to-end SAP solutions together with our expert consultants in all SAP modules we offer.