Flexible Real Estate Management Solution

Prodea Real Estate Management Solution

With our SAP RE-FX expert consultancy team and project experience in different sectors, we offer industry-specific solutions for all your contracts such as stores, buildings, warehouses, vehicles and similar contracts through the SAP Flexible Real Estate Management module.

What does
SAP RE-FX Provide?

It provides detailed tracking of all kinds of rental units, vehicles and similar contracts that are leased or rented in the Retail, Shopping Mall and Real Estate Investment sector, and provides end-to-end rental accounting management from a single center in a fast and easy way.

SAP Flexible Real Estate Management Solution provides the following, especially in the retail and shopping mall sector

  • Lessee contract management,
  • Sublessee contract management,
  • Warehouse,
  • Effective management of common expenses and common areas,
  • Variable fixed rent according to market conditions
  • Taking quick action on rental methods according to turnover

SAP Flexible Real Estate Management Solution is integrated with SAP Fixed Asset module (FI-AA) and provides the opportunity to track the fixture list of stores, shopping malls and offices in the retail sector and manage maintenance and repair needs. It provides effective coordination between units in invoicing and payment management with financial accounting (FI), cost accounting (CO) integration, investment management with project management module (PS) integration, business intelligence (BW / BO) integration and future forecasting and analysis management.

SAP Flexible Real Estate Management Solution;

  • Effective Contract Management
  • Leasing Methods
  • Determination of rent increase and decrease rates
  • Management of property ownership structure and payment processes
  • Management of contract extension, termination and penalty processes
  • Automatic alert and reminder rules.
  • Cash flow reporting
  • With comprehensive tracking of rental income and expenses, it provides effective decision-making in the real estate management processes of the enterprise, providing effective results in minimizing costs and risk.

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As Prodea, we know that the needs of the business world are constantly changing and we serve companies that believe that change is an opportunity. We develop solutions suitable for the needs of our customers and calibrate them to accepted standards. We offer end-to-end SAP solutions with our expert consultants in all SAP modules for the needs of our customers.