Collect and Process in Retail

Collect and Process in Retail SAP S4 POS Data Transfer and Audit

SAP POS DTA is an SAP solution where transactions are collected from point of sale (POS) stores, processed through Inbound Processing Engine (PIPE) and stored as transaction logs. This product, which was positioned on SAP's data warehouse SAP BW (Business Warehouse) under the name SAP POSDM (POS Data Manager) in previous versions, is now one of the modules positioned under SAP CAR (Customer Activity Repository) product under the name POSDATA. SAP CAR is SAP's retail analytical layer. It stores the data required for all channels and analytical products and serves it with a data model. Although SAP CAR is a data layer, it consists of different modules that use this data structure.

SAP CAR (Customer Activity Repository) Modules:

  • POS DTA (Point Of Sale Data Transfer and Audit)
  • DDF (Demand Data Foundation)
  • UDF (Unified Demand Forecasting)
  • OSA (on shelf availability)
  • OPP (Omnichannel Promotional Pricing)
  • Multichannel Transaction Data Management
  • Inventory Visibility with Omnichannel Article Availability and Sourcing

POS-DTA stores the details of all receipt data of POS. POS DTA allows you to monitor the transactions made at the cash register in the details of transaction date, store, transaction type (sales transactions, financial transactions, control transactions, goods movement transactions, etc.), transaction time, cash register where the transaction was made, cashier who made the transaction. Thus, you can perform analyses for POS analytics through POS-DM data (Cart analysis, etc.).


The operations performed on POS DTA
are categorised in 4 main groups:


Collects point of sale transaction data

It is the step of collecting transaction logs from store POS systems. Different integration methods such as DB Reading, Web Service, TXT Reading can be designed.


Stored in transaction logs

It is the step of storing the records collected from POS systems in standard tables. Transactions can be displayed on the monitor screen following this step.


Subjected to controls

It is the stage of subjecting the transactions to standard or adapted controls before transfer to external systems. This prevents the transfer of erroneous records.


Transfer to relevant external systems

The records that pass the controls are transferred to the Retail system to create Invoice and Material document. The process is completed along with this step.

Innovations with POS DTA

POS DTA in CAR infrastructure includes some innovations compared to the old POSDM product built on BW. The most important of these is that the main data can be instantly replicated with the SLT (System Landscape Transformation) structure used with HANA.


  • Uses Oracle DB
  • Restricted viewing in summarised data
  • Master data transfer with Job established with chains
  • No difference on the basis of sales channel
  • Cost price is not transferred
  • No standardised table for raw records


  • Uses Hana DB
  • A more detailed view of the summarised data
  • Instant replication with SLT
  • Sales channel breakdown available
  • Transfer available with SLT
  • Display of unprocessed records with TLOGUS table

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