SAP logistics

BHigh Level Support to Business Processes

SAP® Logistics covers all processes related to purchasing, material management, production, warehousing, quality management, maintenance and repair, service management, sales and distribution. All applications have access to a common, consistent database supported by product data management. With the R/3 System, you can provide high-level support for all business processes of your business.

You can use a single R/3 component or a combination of components and subcomponents to best meet your requirements. Scope of Implementation In addition to logistics, the R/3 System includes finance, human resources, SAP workflow and internet connections. Over 800 business processes are part of this comprehensive software system.


R/3 Logistics modules have a high level of performance in many areas and provide easy access to up-to-date data. Accurate and reliable information integration and utilisation allows you to make faster and more robust decisions.


You can customise the R/3 System to the needs of your organisation. You can also add functions outside SAP. You can develop your own solution using R/3 modules or add industry-specific functions to complement R/3 functions.

Useful Document

You can download the Useful Document for detailed information about SAP Logistics solution.

Useful Document

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As Prodea, we know that the needs of the business world are constantly changing and we serve companies that believe that change is an opportunity. We develop solutions suitable for the needs of our customers and calibrate them to accepted standards. We offer end-to-end SAP solutions with our expert consultants in all SAP modules for the needs of our customers.