Flexible Store Operations Retail Industry "Back-Office" Solutions

Flexible Store Operations Retail Industry "Back-Office" Solutions

Store "back-office" operations cover the management of all store processes other than the store cash register (POS) application, such as store order and inventory management, customer returns, store expense management and store closing. In order for these operations to be easily followed and implemented by back-office employees in the store, it is necessary to provide a comfortable screen and a fast system.

Prodea, which breaks new ground with its experience in the retail sector, responds to all operational needs in the store by using SAP's new generation solution products SAP S/4HANA and Fiori with SAP Retail "back-office" screens. The "back-office" screens can be easily used both on computers and mobile devices. The backoffice screens developed by Prodea are working in nearly 2000 locations in Turkey.

Store Backoffice Applications include the following functions:

Mağaza Backoffice Uygulamaları aşağıdaki fonksiyonları içerir:

  • Order management for the store's product supply,
  • Goods acceptance of the store warehouse,
  • Transfer processes between stores,
  • Product shipment from the store warehouse,
  • Product movements within the warehouse
  • Store needs planning,
  • Stocktaking process screens,
  • Reporting of products in transit,
  • Reporting of product movements,
  • Collective reporting of current stock levels,
  • Reporting of Stocktaking ,
  • Reporting of incomplete orders,
  • Product search and display,
  • Printing price tags,
  • Customer complaint/refund,
  • Store expense entry,
  • Store receipt entry and dayend closure.

Prodea has a special solution for Store Inventory (Asset) Management as well as Store Backoffice Solutions.

SAP S/4HANA Retail and Fashion solutions also come with a store back office application package. Prodea back-office solutions offer a more advanced and user-friendly solution to enhance customer and user experience.

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