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Prodea Cross Transfer Solution

In the retail sector, in order to ensure customer satisfaction and maximize sales, it is necessary to have the products that customers will demand in the right place, in the right quantity and at the right time. Factors such as limited number of products, limited storage areas, many sales points, seasonal dynamics make inventory management and planning complex on the way to this goal. Inventory planning is done together with pre-season and in-season planning.

Stock imbalances may occur in stores towards the end of the season due to planning errors, stock returns and ambiguities. While some stores may have idle inventory, others may be out of stock, resulting in lost sales and unnecessary inventory holding costs. In addition, size breakage is also an important issue in textile retailing. Retailers usually try to ensure that all sizes (numbers) of a product are available in the store. Failure to have all the sizes of the products produced in the store is called size failure. Prodea manages the process by taking into account the failure rates with the Cross Transfer solution.

With an optimized transfer algorithm, the following gains are achieved:

The Right Product
Right Place
Right Time

With an optimized transfer algorithm, the following gains are achieved:

  • Increasing sales by finding the product in the right place, on time
  • Preventing the sale of goods
  • Reduce inventory holding costs for idle inventories
  • Reduce the failure rate for assorted products
  • Reducing transfer costs between stores
  • Reducing the transfer movements made by store personnel decisions to fulfill customer demands in stores where there is no stock, by keeping stock in the right place and at the right time
  • Being prepared in terms of stock for campaigns and special occasions

Prodea Cross Transfer Solution is a solution developed by targeting the above gains in inter-store transfer optimization. In this solution, the following inputs are used to achieve the targeted gains:

  • Store stock quantities
    Incomplete purchase orders - quantities in transit are taken into account
    Incomplete deliveries - products that have not yet been shipped are taken into account
  • Sales volumes (in certain periods) - based on sales volumes, parameters such as average sales rate, average sales volume are calculated
  • Store goods movement - used to calculate inventory and sales turnover
  • Average inventory turnover and sales rates
  • Lead times
  • Shelf life
  • Failure information
  • Sales forecast - quantities calculated based on sales units
  • Requirement quantities - Calculated with sales forecast and stock quantities
  • Store prioritization - Applied when the shipment to be made is not sufficient for all stores

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