Digital Supply Chain

DIGITAL SUPPLY CHAIN: For Smart Businesses

We have to know more, pay more attention and act faster than ever before.

We need real-time operations with supply chain management that leverages new technologies such as the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. Solutions that leverage these technologies help us plan, source and deliver the right products and materials at the right time. Make the most effective use of your supply chain with SAP's new digital technologies. Transform into smart businesses by taking your place far beyond classic ERP with new generation digital solutions that cover your supply chain from end to end.

How Do You Turn Your Dreams into Reality?

Transform your business into an intelligent enterprise - putting customer, employee, product and brand experiences at the centre of your operations. If you're facing growth and innovation challenges, we're here to help you set the pace for your industry.

Digital Rise

Supply Chain Planning

Businesses that can respond very quickly to market changes maximise customer satisfaction while maintaining and increasing their profitability. Take advantage of SAP S/4HANA and SAP Integrated Business Planning solutions to further enable your supply chain processes by planning future demands and incorporating collaboration with your suppliers into your plans. Ariba, a HANA-powered, cloud-based procurement system, connects suppliers of goods or services with buyers. SAP Integrated Business Planning is a complete supply chain planning solution that combines sales and operations, demand, response and supply planning, and inventory optimisation capabilities, again using the SAP HANA database. And as a cloud solution, it is managed, monitored and maintained by SAP. So, instead of managing the software that supports your operation, you can focus on managing your supply chain.

Supply Chain Logistics

It is now more important than ever to deliver products and services to customers in the fastest and most efficient way. Keep up with today's supply chain requirements with SAP Extended Warehouse Management, SAP Transportation Management and SAP Yard Logistics. With SAP EWM, you can easily manage your complex warehouse, distribution operations and supply chain logistics processes by relieving them from complexity. Reduce your warehouse and distribution costs by maximising your time and other resources. SAP EWM makes it easy to optimise inventory tracking, cross-docking, distribution operations, omnichannel fulfilment and more in real time. Manage your complex transport operations using an intelligent system with SAP Transportation Management. The SAP TM solution enables you to accurately forecast demand and shipping volumes and thus maximise the return on your shipping expenses. It improves your freight, fleet and logistics management to gain real-time visibility into international and national transport across all transports and industries.
Optimise all operations at your loading points with SAP Yard Logistics. SAP Yard Logistics enables you to maximise your visibility into all field processes, so you can optimise resource utilisation and support planning, execution and invoicing with a single system. You can ensure faster marketing of products and services and improve customer service by identifying, avoiding and resolving potential problems with more information and control.

Digital Production

Those who stay away from the Industry 4.0 revolution are losing power day by day. Start digital production with production solutions developed on SAP's in memory technology SAP HANA for your needs such as planning, data collection from the field, integration with the field, production reporting. Adapt your production processes to Industry 4.0.

The SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud solution is a near real-time data and analytical manufacturing execution system that makes it easy to increase visibility into your operations. It empowers key stakeholders to analyse global and plant-level manufacturing performance and associated causes through intuitive, pre-configured analyses. With the SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud solution, you execute manufacturing processes, analyse production and business data, and integrate systems in a cost-effective, high-quality, and resource-efficient way based on Industry 4.0.

SAP Digital Manufacturing Insights solution is integrated with SAP Cloud Platform to provide holistic analyses in manufacturing operations. Thus, it enables key manufacturing operations stakeholders to make tactical and strategic decisions to achieve best-in-class manufacturing process performance. SAP Digital Manufacturing Insights solution can be integrated with multiple systems and standards-based interfaces to obtain data from different manufacturing-operating systems and automation systems.

SAP Manufacturing Execution enables you to digitalise your manufacturing processes using a resource-efficient methodology based on industry 4.0 technology. It increases reliability and product traceability using IoT-based solutions. Manage and control production and shop floor operations using one centralised solution. Reduces the need for manual data entry and speeds up management processes with automated data collection.

You can gain value from IoT by connecting the four Ms manufacturers - manufacturing, material, method, and machine - to your extended supply chain with SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence. You can get the manufacturing intelligence and visibility you need to run in real time and tightly integrate your manufacturing processes with business operations. SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence enables historical and real-time measurement and analysis of plant performance.

SAP Plant Connectivity enables fast data exchange between SAP systems and external sources such as PLC controls, factory date systems, statistical process control software, and more.
You can enrich your machine information and increase its value to your operations by using SAP Plant Connectivity.


SAP Project and Portfolio Management
• Execute the project lifecycle from a centralised source with SAP Project and Portfolio Management.
• Keep track of your entire portfolio, from forecasting and planning to accounting.
• Optimise your resources to accelerate time to market and profitably develop new products and services.
• Benefit from flexible support for your enterprise portfolio and project management (EPPM) processes and seamlessly integrate financial and logistical information.

SAP Product Lifecycle Costing
• Increase profitability by accurately managing costs in the early design phase with SAP Product Lifecycle Costing solution.
• Manage costs proactively by gaining visibility across teams, support new product features and customerspecific engineering features.
• Model different cost scenarios in the early stages when designs are still in development and master data is only partially available.
• Achieve leaner processes and accelerate R&D processes by enabling collaboration.
• Perform realtime cost calculation using SAP HANA

SAP Commercial Project Management
SAP Commercial Project Management is an application used to manage business projects for customers or to sell projects to customers. It offers solutions that meet the basic business process requirements of companies that provide project-based services to their customers. It covers multiple processes in an end-to-end scenario covering the selling, planning, execution, monitoring and control of projects. Companies selling projects can use these solutions to further professionalise their core business processes and extend them beyond back office capabilities.

SAP Engineering Control Center
• Transfer your data from SAP to your engineering software
• Combine mechanical and electrical and electronic design data on a single platform and enable interdisciplinary collaboration.
• Thus, gain a holistic view of product development information.
• Gain access to information across the product development process using a single integrated platform

SAP Intelligent Product Design
SAP Intelligent Product Design enables you to accelerate your product innovation with instant collaboration across broad collaboration, requirements-driven product development, and actionable live insights. You can review work items using the integrated inbox and directly initiate shared folders. You can upload documents directly from the document management system to a collaboration workspace. SAP Intelligent Productæ Design brings product data together with customer requirements, helping to ensure traceability.
SAP Management of Change Software
SAP Management of Change Software allows document evaluations, approvals and task completion throughout the change management process to facilitate growth without disruption and damage. With SAP Management of Change Software, you can value your time by preventing delays while implementing projects, facilities and processes. By automating your management processes, you can reduce wasted time and error rate.

“Inspired by the Power of Change”

As Prodea, we know that the needs of the business world are constantly changing and we serve companies that believe that change is an opportunity. We develop solutions suitable for the needs of our customers and calibrate them to accepted standards. We offer end-to-end SAP solutions with our expert consultants in all SAP modules for the needs of our customers.