Convenience of Tracking on a Single Screen
Prodea e-Reconciliation Solution

Convenience of Tracking on a Single Screen Prodea e-Reconciliation Solution

"Prodea e-Reconciliation Solution" enables current account reconciliations to be made more reliable and faster in electronic environment. It is a package program that enables balance control and comparison by communicating with interlocutors via e-mail.

Why Prodea e-Reconciliation Solution?

  • It manages your related reconciliation forms with a single cockpit, saves time and maximizes your productivity.
  • It helps to realize the reliability and control of the reconciliation form in the fastest way, since the documents in the e-Reconciliation form you send to the companies you cooperate with are sent with the document amount and the running balance.
  • Thanks to the reconciliation report offered by the e-Reconciliation program, all sent reconciliation forms can be tracked on a single screen.
  • It allows you to get the information about the unapproved forms and resubmit the form immediately.
  • It minimizes telephone, fax and email traffic and reduces labor intensity. By reducing the use of stationery materials, both environmental damage and cost savings are achieved.

“Inspired by the Power of Change”

As Prodea, we know that the needs of the business world are constantly changing and we serve companies that believe that change is an opportunity. We develop solutions suitable for the needs of our customers and calibrate them to accepted standards. We offer end-to-end SAP solutions with our expert consultants in all SAP modules for the needs of our customers.