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SAP S/4HANA Fashion and Vertical Business

SAP S/4HANA Fashion and Vertical Business is a comprehensive ERP solution designed to help retail businesses meet the demands of the digital economy. With a simple and intuitive interface, it provides access to all areas of businesses by combining all fashion processes such as wholesale, retail, production and e-commerce on a single platform. The Vertical Fashion platform provides retailers with the flexibility and agility needed to deliver seamless customer experiences; retailers can easily adapt to rapidly changing business requirements and report in real-time by function, region, category, channel and product.

SAP S/4HANA Fashion, designed to provide real-time data access and to use this data in decision support mechanisms, has been produced to combat complexity, facilitate digital transformation and provide the highest level of simplicity. We can see in this context that the simplification motto that comes with S/4HANA continues in the Fashion product. The solution is built on SAP's HANA platform, which is SAP's in memory database technology with embedded analytical functions. With SAP fiori, an HTML5-based development interface, it offers a singularised high user experience on different devices and platforms.

The redesigned business suite, which supports fashion core processes end-to-end, from master data to supply assignment, provides agility and flexibility not previously available. Fashion companies can reinvent their processes from the front office to the back office, gain insight into operational data and empower their people with faster and better decisions and real-time information.

Benefits of SAP S/4HANA Fashion
and Vertical Business

  • It offers the opportunity to work with larger data sets in a single system.
  • Allows customer and vendor groupings with retail-specific fields in customer and vendor displays.
  • Works integrated with necessary systems such as CRM, PLM by combining retail, sales, production and wholesale data in a single ERP base.
  • It allows you to manage segmentation-specific master data such as weight and volume, sales blockage status, capacity consumption, strategy, packaging and storage box for a segmentation-related material by defining segmentation structure and segmentation strategy.
  • Manages the infrastructure and processes that will enable digitalisation of processes.
  • It provides instant stock data to all channels thanks to its integrated structure with the stock management in the store channel.
  • It removes data inconsistencies, reduces data footprint and significantly reduces data processing errors by eliminating unnecessary data entry / processing tasks.
  • Companies can reserve stock for high-priority channels with stock protection.
  • Provides access to a single source for decision making in real time.
  • Distribution processes and availability control operations are significantly accelerated using in-memory computing technology.
  • Enables master data to be managed with sector-specific fields.
  • It moves seasonality to master data management. Field data can be easily extended to the complex retail structure with the functions called listing.
  • It allows you to strategically plan variations according to customer, product and location in order to provide appropriate products.
  • Seasonality plays a role in directing all processes from the creation of master data to sales throughout the life cycle of a material.
  • Increased stocks can be exchanged between channels to minimize stock-out situations and thus ensure profitability.
  • Parameters defined for different seasons ensure the control of logistics processes such as sales and purchasing.
  • Using Back Order Processing, businesses can recheck the stock status when the demand or supply status of orders changes and provide recalculation for confirmation of sales orders or stock transfer orders.
  • It enables season, collection, theme data to be managed and analyzed.
  • SAP S/4HANA Fashion includes aATP - Advanced Available to Promise module that offers advanced availability functions and Backorder Processing capabilities.
  • It enables you to manage the entire vendor lifecycle and continuously analyse vendor performance.

Comparison of SAP S/4HANA Fashion & Vertical Solution
with SAP S/4HANA and SAP S/4HANA Merchandise for Retail

SAP S/4HANA Merchandise for Retail is SAP's retail ERP solution. It basically has all the functions of SAP S/4HANA. In addition, it comes with retail-specific function sets. The installation of SAP S/4HANA Fashion & Vertical Solution is performed on top of the SAP S/4HANA Merchandise for Retail installation. Tem covers all processes of SAP S/4HANA Merchandise for Retail. It is designed for retailers with Production-Wholesale-Retail functions.

In the table below, you can find additional features that come with SAP S/4HANA Fashion & Vertical Solution and SAP S/4HANA Merchandise for Retail.

Advanced availa

It realises the allocation of the available product by classifying the sales requests from different channels according to the strategies determined by the company. It ensures continuous allocation optimisation by re-terminating the allocations according to the changing order and stock status with the functions of the backorder process.

Fashion base Production

It carries seasonality and variant structure in materials to production processes. It contains a solution set for Manufacturer Retailers.

Season Management

Seasonality plays a role in guiding all processes throughout the life cycle of a material, from the creation of its master data to sale.

Master Data

Merchandise hierarchy, article hierarchy, store management, multidimensional article structure, retail specific characteristics.

Pricing & Promotions

You can manage retail specific activities such as bonus-buy, coupon, gift voucher, free product bundle campaigns in stores and channels.

Markdown planning and management

You can manage price discounts together with margin planning.

Assortment management

Provides Assortment Management. You can develop strategies by defining different product groups in different assortments.

Resource Planning methods

You can manage material requirement planning at store level with forecasting algorithms specific to the retail sector.

Store allocation

You can manage material requirement planning at store level with retail industry-specific forecasting algorithms.

Mağaza Yönetimi

Store master data management, store backoffice operations.

POS entegrasyonu

Integration layer with in-store sales systems

Stock segmentation & Stock Protection

You can segment stocks in line with different channels and strategies and allocate segmented stocks for a specific channel with stock protection.

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