About Us

We, as Prodea Information Technologies, have been providing consultancy services to our customers in the field of information technologies since the day we were founded. We are the highest level business partner of SAP in both sales and service channel and we have full authorization for sales, service, consultancy and maintenance of all its products.


With our expert consultants at Prodea Altunizade Head Office, GOSB Teknopark and Akasya Branch offices, we have completed successful projects for a wide range of clients and we continue to implement new ones. Since the day we started to provide services, we have always continued to invest in new areas and maintain our role as a pioneering company in the sector. In addition to having customers and references in almost every sector, each of our customers and references are either leaders or among the leaders in the fields of retail, business analytics and SAP procurement solutions.


We, as a system integrator, offer end-to-end solutions to our customers by providing hardware, system support and hosting services as well as implementation consultancy of all SAP products in SAP projects.

in Figures

  • 2007
    We were founded in 2007
  • +300
    We have completed more than 300 projects.
  • +140
    We have more than 140 clients.
  • +120
    We serve with more than 120 consultants. 
  • 11
    We have a 90% market share in procurement solutions.
  • %90
    We completed 24 end-to-end ERP projects.
  • 40
    We completed 11 end-to-end IS-R projects.

"Inspired by the Power of Change"

As Prodea, we know that the needs of the business world are constantly changing and we serve companies that believe that change is an opportunity. We develop solutions suitable for the needs of our customers and calibrate them to accepted standards. We offer end-to-end SAP solutions with our expert consultants in all SAP modules for the needs of our customers.