Easy Collection Tracking Through

Easy Collection Tracking Through SAP Collection Management


Sap Collection Management is SAP's solution for Collection Management processes. It increases your collections on time by providing effective management of the collection processes . It facilitates the follow-up of the process by creating a management hierarchy in the collections of enterprises with collection departments. It creates roles at the manager and expert level for the Accounts Receivable Follow Up.

For your experts:

You can track all your official correspondence with your creditors on a single screen. You can provide customer communication directly with automatic mails. You can manage your collection management invoices, past payments, payment promises, dispute situations, documenting customer contact information, dunning procedure and dunning recurrence processes. Being able to follow these processes specific to your customers and invoices will prevent unnecessary repetition.

For your managers:

Your collection managers can view worklist statistics for all the collection groups they are responsible for. You can easily see the total number of collection backlog items, the number of open backlog items, the number of completed backlog items and incomplete backlog items for which a contact person has been reached. You can easily manage all the critical processes available below for collection management for your managers. 


  • Defining collection strategies
  • Overseeing collection processes
  • Past Collection activities
  • Credit Management data
  • Detailed information per customer
  • Valuation according to collection strategy
  • Customer's receivables aging

What Does SAP Collection Management Provide?

SAP Collection Management offers collection strategies that allow selecting and prioritizing customers for the collection of receivables. Collection strategies enable the creation of automatic lists of daily work details for collection specialists through the module. Daily collection lists allow customers to be evaluated, identified, classified and prioritized according to the collection strategy. Increases user productivity with daily work lists. Allows you to track all your correspondence and dunning processes on a customer basis in a digital environment with documents.


  • Analyzes of customer payment behavior, dunning procedures, credit management, receivable aging reports are automatically generated.
  • It provides a significant improvement in your collection rates.
  • Reduces your operating costs by facilitating your collections.
  • Reduces your unpaid daily sales figures.
  • Improves your debt expenses due to uncollectible receivables.

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