Fully Automated Invoice Processes
Incoming e-Invoice Approval

Fully Automated Invoice Processes Incoming e-Invoice Approval

With the Incoming e-Invoice Approval solution, e-invoices from suppliers are recorded in the SAP system with automated processes. With many filters such as VKN and invoice type, automatic routing is made to the relevant responsible parties. The process is completed by approving or rejecting the invoices. You can use "Prodea Incoming e-Invoice Solution" for error-free, accelerated and logged invoice acceptance.

Benefits of the Solution

  • The incoming invoice is directed to the relevant responsible persons on the system.
  • Invoice approval/rejection processes are prevented and invoice tracking is facilitated.
  • Time is saved and staff productivity is increased.
  • The accuracy of the content and amount can be checked on the system without the need to print out the invoice.
  • Automatic reminders are provided in invoice approval processes.
  • Paper waste is prevented, invoice control and accounting processes are accelerated.

Incoming e-Invoice Automatic Accounting

The automatic accounting solution package, which is integrated with the Prodea inbound e-invoice validation solution, provides easy, fast and accurate automatic accounting of your purchase or financial accounting invoices.

Benefits of the Solution

  • Time loss and prolonged processes are prevented with manual entries.
  • It provides the opportunity to separate procurement (MM) and financial accounting (FI) einvoices.
  • Reporting is done for recorded or expected invoices.
  • The invoices in the basic scenario that are received incorrectly are automatically registered and returned.
  • The burden of the accounting department is greatly eased by automatically accounting for all invoices in the commercial and basic scenario.

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