Cost Advantage with E-Waybill

Experience the industry's fastest, most cost-effective e-dispatch applications with Prodea. For the commissioning of e-dispatch processes, the integrations between the special integrator and SAP are carried out by Prodea.

What is E-Waybill?

The e-waybill application, which covers the processes of sending it to the buyer through the Revenue Administration's (RA) application and transmitting the buyer's response to the seller via the same central application, works in a closed circuit system between the buyer and the seller.

Legal Obligation

According to the General Communiqué of the Tax Procedure Law published by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, e-dispatch note became mandatory for e-dispatch taxpayers on 01.07.2020. With Prodea solution, all processes can be tracked in SAP.

You can access the draft communiqué published by the Revenue Administration for e-Waybill via this link.

Who Can Use It?

Users who are included in the e-Invoice application and who have completed the necessary preparations for the issuance and transmission of e-Waybill in accordance with the procedures and principles described in the General Communiqué on Tax Procedure Law No. 487, and who have made the necessary application to be included in the e-Waybill application, may optionally be included in the e-Waybill application as of 01.01.2018.

What Does Prodea e-Waybill Solution Cover?

  • It converts the waybills created in SAP, which have the same legal qualifications as paper waybills, into ewaybill format and directs them to the Revenue Administration Tax Administration (RA) through the 'special integrator'.
  • It is used to receive edispatch notes sent from other taxpayers and respond to the received dispatch notes, manage edispatch notes through a cockpit and keep a copy.
  • It provides a software service that enables dispatching of waybills in materials and processes that are not in the SAP system.

e-Waybill Advantages


You can safely track your transactions with a structure that is compatible with the current standards of the Revenue Administration and updated according to changing legislation.


You can prepare, send and archive documents faster.


You save on paper, printing, archiving, energy consumption, shipping, labor, notary approval and distribution costs.


Your digitally archived documents will not be lost and tracking of documents will be easier.

“Inspired by the Power of Change”

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