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The history of cement, which has an important place in the Turkish industrial world, dates back to 1824, when it was patented, and to the island of Portland, where the name of the product originated. In the past two centuries, the Turkish cement industry has gained an important place in the world and has become the largest producer in Europe and the fourth largest producer in the world.

We, as Prodea, have carried out projects in the past 16 years since our first cooperation with the cement sector, being aware of the power of the sector and its importance for our country. Today, we are still involved in the sector with our support and training services, QA services, and we continue our co-operations in accordance with sectoral and technological developments.

The use of SAP products is widespread in the cement industry globally. The same approach can also be said for Turkey. We, as Prodea, have brought our "Cement and Ready-Mixed Concrete" approach to SAP standard solutions and central functions. We have turned our experience into customised solution sets for the sector. The solutions we have implemented in many important cement producers in Turkey are as follows:

Cement Production
Logistics Processes:

  • Quarries and raw material specification value traceability in procurement of internal raw materials
  • Internal procurement and production processes in raw material and aggregate quarries
  • Our indispensable weighbridge solution for procurement and sales
  • Integrations with production control and management systems
  • Our integrations with ready-mixed concrete production systems
  • Our business report solution, which is the common language of the industry
  • MRP solution
  • Fast analysis and warning systems with KPI data related to production
  • Central recipe changes in ready-mixed concrete processes and sending them to the production system
  • Our next generation warehouse management solution
  • Our mobile transport solution between multiple locations and factories, ports, customs areas
  • Our supplier and customer information solutions
  • Our reporting solutions such as fast and graphically supported mobile stock, production, etc. for senior management
  • Distribution of weighbridge and calibration differences in cement and ready-mixed concrete production processes
  • Detailed cost and profitability reporting
  • Different cost views and details regarding cement and ready-mixed concrete in the same system
  • Our reporting solutions with fast and graphical support for senior management in the profitability process
  • Financial planning and consolidated reports
  • Bank integrations

We continue our co-operations and services with the knowledge and experience we have gained in the sector for many years. Please contact us to get the details of the above topics and to receive information.

Financial Processes

“Inspired by the Power of Change”

As Prodea, we know that the needs of the business world are constantly changing and we believe that change We provide services to companies that believe there is an opportunity. We offer a range of services solutions and calibrate them to recognized standards. According to our customers' needs end-to-end SAP solutions together with our expert consultants in all SAP modules we offer.