Closing Cockpit

SAP CLOSING COCKPIT (S4/HANA Finansal Closing Cockpit)

Closing cockpit enables centralized management of monthend and yearend closing transactions in SAP Financial solutions. In the cockpit, where an organizational structure can be established on the basis of company code, you can create closing scenarios in monthly, quarterly or different periods according to the processes of your company and complete the closings quickly and accurately with prioritization steps.

In particular, critical transactions such as foreign currency valuation, fixed asset depreciation records, period closing and opening are controlled. You can manage the flow of IFRS monthend transactions with the same cockpit and easily complete them on a single screen in a sequential manner. Some transactions can be hierarchically assigned to more than one user with task definition. It allows the user to report the status and processes of closing scenarios in real time. Managers are enabled to monitor at which stage the closing scenarios are at.

Different organizational processes are tracked with a work list. It offers a controlled, efficient, fast and active workflow method. It provides central monitoring and control with the financial closing cockpit and maximizes the user's productivity thanks to its advanced features.

Advantages of the Closing Cockpit:

  • You can easily follow the closing processes periodically.
  • If more than one person is responsible for the fulfillment of the tasks, you can actively manage the closing processes.
  • In closing processes, you can distribute tasks to users in a comprehensive and detailed manner and monitor task stages.
  • You can automate SAP financial solution integrations, which are a prerequisite for closing, and speed up the process.
  • In all financial closing processes, you can easily track the history of the tasks and track which user performed them.

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